Leni Lan


Uloga: Acting

Datum rodjena: 1990-03-09

Mesto rodjenja: Shanghai,China

IMDB: nm4030212

Leni Lan


Leni Lan Yan, also known by her stage name Crazybarby, has developed her career in Hong Kong as an actress,a pop singer and a model. Born in Shanghai, she moved to Hong Kong at age 18 and took her stage name Crazybarby as a composition of her legal given name Crazy and her family given nickname "Barby". Leni Lan graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Acting Department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. She was once Jackie Chan's disciple, targeting international markets as a rising artist under Hong Kong's JCE Entertainment Ltd. EMP. In 2005, directed by Stanley Kwan's romance "Everlasting Regret" which Leni Lan starred and the official debut showbiz. In 2006, Leni Lan with Warner Bros. Pictures, starring entire Russian romance "Butterfly Kiss" which shattered box office records of "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" to won annual domestic movie box office champion Russian actress title and get the Russian Film Festival Rookie of the Year Award nominations, which has also been the industry in Europe and America concern; The same year, Leni Lan signing JCE Movies Hong Kong and moved to Hong Kong. 2011, Leni Lan starring in 3D film "Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" and won the Hong Kong box office champion annual local film with a box office record of HK$ 41 million. Leni Lan's personal virtue plays the heroine Tie Yuxiang won high popularity. In 2012, Leni Lan starred in Hunan Satellite TV costume drama "Sui and Tang hero" which had the number one rating." In 2013, Leni Lan starring thriller "Ecstasy Room Escape" nominated for Hollywood Chinese American Film Festival Golden Angel Award; In 2014, Leni Lan starring comedy directed by Eve Jin, "The Way of Surprises."

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